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All Party Catering: The Best-Kept Secret in Los Angeles County

by All Party Catering on 11/13/19

If you're looking for really great catering with an authentic Mexican flare, you owe it to yourself to check out All Party Catering and what we can do for you!


Right now, a lot of people have never heard of this top-tier catering shop, but as the word gets around, we’re getting busier and busier. Event participants and gatherers at business and community functions are very pleased with our authentic menu and flavorful ingredients! We make the rounds at many a business lunch or fundraising dinner or TV party or whatever is going down around L.A. – and there’s a lot going on!


Our specialty is a marinated beef dish called “birria” – some refer to it as ‘Mexican pot roast’ – a proprietary blend of spices complements the fresh flavor of the meat in a way that you have to taste to understand…


That's not all that's on our menu, either – enjoy rib tips with chilis, or chicken or carnitas, and enjoy our authentic sides from Mexican rice to refried beans and mixed vegetables and macaroni salad.


You can also fill up on chips and salsa and fresh guacamole and sour cream. All of it is made with an eye toward the hand-crafted quality you expect of an authentic Mexican kitchen. We take care to source the best ingredients, cultivate flavor with time-tested recipes, and present it to you fresh and hot!


Catering Logistics


We know that you love a good menu, but we also know that it's important to have good logistics on site to have a great catering experience. That's why we provide all of the best disposable flatware and other products to make it convenient for your guests to try our award-winning menu. We have everything covered, and when you see us in action, you’ll see how we work events like clockwork – with all of the right tools and equipment, and people who know how to whip up food for dozens of hungry folks.


Sign up now, because we're not kidding – people are finding out about All Party Catering and booking events further and further ahead. When you have the right recipe in catering, business comes to your door. We're fortunate to have had that experience, and pleased to offer you our authentic take on Mexican cuisine. Call us around the L.A. area, whether you’re planning a party, hosting a work event, or trying to impress anyone in particular! It’s great Mexican cooking direct to your door – from our kitchen in Gardena, just a stone’s throw from Redondo Beach, we hit the road to  bring you the fresh flavor you crave!

Reasons to Hire A Professional Catering Service for Your Holiday Party

by All Party Catering on 10/15/19

The holidays are a special time of the year. Everyone looks forward to traditions, essential moments, and reuniting with friends and family. Since holiday parties only happen a few times a year, they should be memorable events. Often these times are hectic with planning, shopping, and bonding with family. To allow for time, let skilled professionals help with one of the essential details of your party, the food. For more reasons why you should consider a caterer, continue reading.


Food planning can be a tiring, tedious, and individuals seldom have the time during the bustling season. If you need to spare yourself from the worries of relentless cooking, catering services are an incredible arrangement. In the event you choose professional catering, you'll have the option to appreciate appetizers, traditional entrees, and other elements of your well-planned party. Catering will also provide tasty and one of a kind dishes that you wouldn't usually make yourself.  Expert cooking can be extraordinary for people who desire to give their guest a variety of foods.


To prevent resource loss, it is crucial to make a consideration in your recommendation for serving. Although you can't determine how much the guests will eat, a caterer can work the menu around what's going to please each guest at once. With this, you can work with and even save from your budget.


For your gathering, hiring a caterer makes the party well planned. Although visitors appear to want to eat more, hiring a vacation caterer provides a means of ensuring all meals are prepared and reaching that guest. This eliminates the pressure that guests talk about served meal circulation.


Although throwing any party can be exhausting, given the hustle and bustle of the season, holiday parties tend to be especially tiring activities. If you don't want to deal with party cleanup duties on your own, a professional catering company's assistance can be fantastic. Cleanup support can keep headaches and stress away and can allow more time with your guests.

All Party Catering can cater to your home, job, and any banquet hall in Gardena, California. We serve authentic Mexican cuisines. Our specialty is Birria, a slow-roasted marinated beef cooked to perfection. Each dish is prepared with care to ensure you receive the best dining experience. Contact us today for a quote and FREE sample. We are ready to get your party started.

How to Hire the Right Catering Service For Your Event

by All Party Catering on 09/20/19

Over $300 billion is spent annually on meetings and events. The key to planning a great event is getting an early start. Often times, people will wait until the last minute to do things like book a venue or hire a caterer.

Making sure the people who attend your event are well-fed should be one of your main concerns. Trying to prepare and serve food without the help of professionals is a bad idea. Usually, this will end in you becoming overwhelmed and making mistakes.

With all of the different catering services out there, choosing the right one will require some hard work. Here are some of the things you should consider before hiring a catering service for your event.

The Type of Event You Are Hosting Matters

Before you go out to look for a catering company to hire, you need to know more about the event you are hosting. Knowing whether the event will be a formal cocktail party of a buffet-style casual affair is essential. Once you have this information, narrowing down the list of available catering companies will be much easier.

Making sure the catering companies you are looking at have experience with the type of event you are hosting is a must. Simply taking their word for it is not acceptable. Doing some online research will help you verify a catering company’s legitimacy before hiring them.

Take Time to Make a Guest Profile

Not only will you need to know about the type of event you are hosting, you will also need to make a guest profile. Figuring out who is attending the event can help you figure out what type of food to serve. Getting a count regarding how many vegetarians are attending is also crucial.

Without this information, you run the risk of hiring the wrong catering company. Ideally, you want to hire a catering company that can offer a varied menu. By choosing a menu with various options, you can rest assured that all of your guests will get something they like.

Getting a Good Deal

One of the first things an event planner has to do is devise a detailed budget. With this budget, you can avoid getting in over your head financially. Getting a few estimates from catering companies in your area is crucial. Typically, these catering companies can provide these estimates free of charge.

Before deciding on a catering company to hire, think about what they are offering for the money. If a company is willing to prepare and serve the food at the event for a reasonable price, you need to jump at the chance to use them. Settling on the first caterer you come across without doing your homework can lead to you paying too much for their services.

A Great Catering Service Can Make Your Event

The time and effort invested in finding the right catering company will be worth it. At All Party Catering, you can get the catering services you need for an affordable price. Contact us now to find out more about our catering services. 

4 Types of Business Events that May Benefit from Catering

by All Party Catering on 08/07/19

When you make plans for your business, catering may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, as the pace of meetings, lunches,and conferences picks up, it can be difficult to manage feeding everyone with pizza delivery or sending someone out to pick up fast food. There are numerous situations where it may make more sense to opt for onsite catering, including the following:

Corporate Conferences

If your business hosts corporate conferences, food becomes an important part of the event. Whether you’re planning a single day event or an event that spans several days, attendees will need to be fed. Otherwise, you’ll have to account for time for everyone to leave for lunch and then return to the venue. That time can add up quickly, meaning that you lose quite a bit of valuable teaching time. Instead, opt to have a local caterer provide breakfast and lunch for everyone, so that you can make the most of your instructional time.

Business Lunches

When your employees are working on solving a problem, putting out a deliverable, or launching a product, every minute counts. Providing on site lunches for high focus times can be a great benefit to offer for employees. They won’t have to pay for lunch or pack their own, and you’ll gain additional productive time since they won’t have to leave the building for lunch. Be sure to choose a high quality restaurant or local food vendor that they’re sure to enjoy, so that it feels like a perk to receive lunch on site.

Parties and Receptions

If you’re hosting a gallery opening, a holiday party for employees, or celebrating the launch of a hot new product, an evening reception may be exactly what you need. Consider a selection of appetizers or themed finger foods, then work with a local caterer to lay a table that everyone can relax and enjoy.

Buffet Catering

Whether you’re bringing on a batch of new hires, celebrating a holiday with a company party, or providing lunch on an ongoing basis at your business, buffet catering can be a great option. Buffet catering typically consists of one to two main dishes and a variety of sides, served buffet style so that the individuals eating can serve themselves as much or as little as they’d like.

When it’s time to plan longer working days, meetings, or events, keep food in mind. Opting for catering for your employees can be a great way to help everyone feel valuable, while also keeping the focus on the work at hand. Reach out to us today to learn more about the catering options we offer. 

Top 5 Reasons You Should Cater Your Next Event

by All Party Catering on 07/16/19

When you consider the planning, the time, and the effort put in, hosting a party can be a lot of work. You likely have a checklist of projects, shopping items, and other duties you need to complete to pull off a successful party. The last thing you should worry about is the menu. Sure, everyone loves your cooking but do you have the time to put your all into it? Catering offers many benefits to party planners and hosts. Check out our list below.

1.       Variety. With catering comes a wide range of foods to choose from.  You can make specifications and allow your caterer to delivery without lifting a finger. Caterers prepare for vegetarians, vegans, and guests with other dietary restrictions.

2.       Convenience.  Most catering companies come equipped with professional staff to set up tables, serve guests, and clean up the food and drinks. Their team frees time so you can handle other duties before and after your scheduled event. Communicate with your company and make sure they are ready to work as a team.

3.       Cost. If you choose to provide the meal yourself, it is possible you may overspend by buying and cooking more than you need. With catering, you give the number of guests and negotiate your prices from there. For additional saving, you can substitute more expensive food items for less expensive items such as chicken. 

4.       Reliability. Thanks to social media, catering companies are more reliable than ever. Their reputations are on the line, and no one wants a thumbs down or anything less than 5 stars. You can count on most companies to show up on time and ready to work. 

5.       Party. The most rewarding part about choosing a caterer is enjoying your party. If you spend all day prepping, cooking and serving you miss out on enjoying the fruits of your labor. You don't want to appear tired and overworked to your guests. They deserve the best you, and so do you!

All Party Catering can cater to your home, job, and any banquet hall in Gardena, California. We serve authentic Mexican cuisines. Our specialty is Birria, a slow roasted marinated beef cooked to perfection. Each dish is prepared with care to ensure you receive the best dining experience. Contact us today for a quote and FREE sample. We are ready to get the Fiesta started.