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4 Types of Business Events that May Benefit from Catering

by All Party Catering on 08/07/19

When you make plans for your business, catering may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, as the pace of meetings, lunches,and conferences picks up, it can be difficult to manage feeding everyone with pizza delivery or sending someone out to pick up fast food. There are numerous situations where it may make more sense to opt for onsite catering, including the following:

Corporate Conferences

If your business hosts corporate conferences, food becomes an important part of the event. Whether you’re planning a single day event or an event that spans several days, attendees will need to be fed. Otherwise, you’ll have to account for time for everyone to leave for lunch and then return to the venue. That time can add up quickly, meaning that you lose quite a bit of valuable teaching time. Instead, opt to have a local caterer provide breakfast and lunch for everyone, so that you can make the most of your instructional time.

Business Lunches

When your employees are working on solving a problem, putting out a deliverable, or launching a product, every minute counts. Providing on site lunches for high focus times can be a great benefit to offer for employees. They won’t have to pay for lunch or pack their own, and you’ll gain additional productive time since they won’t have to leave the building for lunch. Be sure to choose a high quality restaurant or local food vendor that they’re sure to enjoy, so that it feels like a perk to receive lunch on site.

Parties and Receptions

If you’re hosting a gallery opening, a holiday party for employees, or celebrating the launch of a hot new product, an evening reception may be exactly what you need. Consider a selection of appetizers or themed finger foods, then work with a local caterer to lay a table that everyone can relax and enjoy.

Buffet Catering

Whether you’re bringing on a batch of new hires, celebrating a holiday with a company party, or providing lunch on an ongoing basis at your business, buffet catering can be a great option. Buffet catering typically consists of one to two main dishes and a variety of sides, served buffet style so that the individuals eating can serve themselves as much or as little as they’d like.

When it’s time to plan longer working days, meetings, or events, keep food in mind. Opting for catering for your employees can be a great way to help everyone feel valuable, while also keeping the focus on the work at hand. Reach out to us today to learn more about the catering options we offer.