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All Party Catering: The Best-Kept Secret in Los Angeles County

by All Party Catering on 11/13/19

If you're looking for really great catering with an authentic Mexican flare, you owe it to yourself to check out All Party Catering and what we can do for you!


Right now, a lot of people have never heard of this top-tier catering shop, but as the word gets around, we’re getting busier and busier. Event participants and gatherers at business and community functions are very pleased with our authentic menu and flavorful ingredients! We make the rounds at many a business lunch or fundraising dinner or TV party or whatever is going down around L.A. – and there’s a lot going on!


Our specialty is a marinated beef dish called “birria” – some refer to it as ‘Mexican pot roast’ – a proprietary blend of spices complements the fresh flavor of the meat in a way that you have to taste to understand…


That's not all that's on our menu, either – enjoy rib tips with chilis, or chicken or carnitas, and enjoy our authentic sides from Mexican rice to refried beans and mixed vegetables and macaroni salad.


You can also fill up on chips and salsa and fresh guacamole and sour cream. All of it is made with an eye toward the hand-crafted quality you expect of an authentic Mexican kitchen. We take care to source the best ingredients, cultivate flavor with time-tested recipes, and present it to you fresh and hot!


Catering Logistics


We know that you love a good menu, but we also know that it's important to have good logistics on site to have a great catering experience. That's why we provide all of the best disposable flatware and other products to make it convenient for your guests to try our award-winning menu. We have everything covered, and when you see us in action, you’ll see how we work events like clockwork – with all of the right tools and equipment, and people who know how to whip up food for dozens of hungry folks.


Sign up now, because we're not kidding – people are finding out about All Party Catering and booking events further and further ahead. When you have the right recipe in catering, business comes to your door. We're fortunate to have had that experience, and pleased to offer you our authentic take on Mexican cuisine. Call us around the L.A. area, whether you’re planning a party, hosting a work event, or trying to impress anyone in particular! It’s great Mexican cooking direct to your door – from our kitchen in Gardena, just a stone’s throw from Redondo Beach, we hit the road to  bring you the fresh flavor you crave!