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Excellence In Catering – ‘Mexican Pot Roast’ and Much More

by All Party Catering on 05/16/19

Some of the best kitchens aren't in restaurants.


They’re catering kitchens – when the food goes out, it goes out to a dedicated audience. In the back room, chefs and their helpers are making sure that everything is perfect.


That's what you'll see with All Party Catering, a top-class Mexican cuisine catering company in the Los Angeles area. We’re proud of our track record around Los Angeles and the valley, and out into the counties, where our food is widely known as some of the best around.


Our menu is compelling, and our culinary skill is second to none. We bring our delicious Mexican food all over the city and beyond – and we love what we do!


An Authentic Menu


Want tacos? You probably don't want the kinds of watered-down Tex-Mex styles that you tend to get in some greasy spoon diner.


Our authentic tacos have that perfect ‘south of the border’ flavor, and that's just the start. Get tasty rib tips in red or green chili, chicken and beef fajitas, carnitas, pozole and much more along with classic sides, including rice and beans – we also have macaroni salad and cole slaw! But our true pride is our Mexican food, and yes, we have real guac.


Where's the Beef? – All Party Catering’s Top Specialty


Although we've built an extensive menu of authentic food, we've put forth a special effort in offering our specialty, which is called “birria” – it's slow-cooked, marinated beef in the traditional Mexican style, and it’s mouthwateringly delicious. This is something that so many of our customers ask for by name – because once you’ve tried it, it will make an impression!


Some people call it a ‘Mexican pot roast,’ because that's what many Americans are familiar with, and it's the closest thing they can associate it with. Maybe some of our French customers would call it ‘Mexican beef bourguignon.’ That's how good this beef is – simmered in spices and carefully prepared in individual batches.


You can find out a lot more about our catering business on our website – but this gives you a window into what we serve up at parties, work events, banquets and special events all over Los Angeles. We know you have a choice in Mexican food – but when it comes to elegant Mexican catering, our customers know that All Party Catering is the place to go! Check out our rates and more online, and call us. We’d love to be a part of your next workplace function, or a birthday party, a wedding, a quinceañera or whatever else you’re planning!