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How to Hire the Right Catering Service For Your Event

by All Party Catering on 09/20/19

Over $300 billion is spent annually on meetings and events. The key to planning a great event is getting an early start. Often times, people will wait until the last minute to do things like book a venue or hire a caterer.

Making sure the people who attend your event are well-fed should be one of your main concerns. Trying to prepare and serve food without the help of professionals is a bad idea. Usually, this will end in you becoming overwhelmed and making mistakes.

With all of the different catering services out there, choosing the right one will require some hard work. Here are some of the things you should consider before hiring a catering service for your event.

The Type of Event You Are Hosting Matters

Before you go out to look for a catering company to hire, you need to know more about the event you are hosting. Knowing whether the event will be a formal cocktail party of a buffet-style casual affair is essential. Once you have this information, narrowing down the list of available catering companies will be much easier.

Making sure the catering companies you are looking at have experience with the type of event you are hosting is a must. Simply taking their word for it is not acceptable. Doing some online research will help you verify a catering company’s legitimacy before hiring them.

Take Time to Make a Guest Profile

Not only will you need to know about the type of event you are hosting, you will also need to make a guest profile. Figuring out who is attending the event can help you figure out what type of food to serve. Getting a count regarding how many vegetarians are attending is also crucial.

Without this information, you run the risk of hiring the wrong catering company. Ideally, you want to hire a catering company that can offer a varied menu. By choosing a menu with various options, you can rest assured that all of your guests will get something they like.

Getting a Good Deal

One of the first things an event planner has to do is devise a detailed budget. With this budget, you can avoid getting in over your head financially. Getting a few estimates from catering companies in your area is crucial. Typically, these catering companies can provide these estimates free of charge.

Before deciding on a catering company to hire, think about what they are offering for the money. If a company is willing to prepare and serve the food at the event for a reasonable price, you need to jump at the chance to use them. Settling on the first caterer you come across without doing your homework can lead to you paying too much for their services.

A Great Catering Service Can Make Your Event

The time and effort invested in finding the right catering company will be worth it. At All Party Catering, you can get the catering services you need for an affordable price. Contact us now to find out more about our catering services.