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All Party Catering
 Book Reservation call or text  : 562.446.7213
We do Both Tacos or Plate choose what option 
best works for you.

All orders include free chips and salsa, warm corn tortillas and/or dinner roll, all the condiments depending on food, disposable plates and utensils including napkins.
For plate option choose 2 items of this list *

Marinated Beef - Birria
Tacos - Tacos 
Chicken n' Beef Fajitas - Fajitas de Pollo con Res
Beef Fajitas - Fajitas de Res
Chicken Fajitas - Fajitas de Pollo
*Rib Tips in Green Chilli - Costillas en Salsa Verde
*Rib Tips in Red Chilli - Costillas en Salsa Roja
Steak Ranchero - Bistek Ranchero
Mole - Mole
Chicken in Chipotle Sauce - Pollo en Chipotle
Carnitas - Carnitas
Green House Pozole - Pozole Verde 

For plate option choose 2 items of this list *

Mexican Style Rice - Arroz Rojo
Mexican Style White Rice - Arroz Blanco 
Steamed Rice - Arroz Blanco al Vapor
Whole Pinto Beans - Frijoles de la Olla
Refried Beans - Frijoles Fritos
Mixed Veggies - Vegetales Mixtos
Green Salad - Ensalada
Macaroni Salad - Ensalada de Macaron
Coleslaw - Ensalada de Col

*Step 3  Choose Service *
1. Food Pick Up 
2. Food Delivery 
3. Full Service @ Home

Extra Side Items
Extra Pico de Gallo - 1/2 Tray $37.42
Extra Chips - 1/2 Tray $12 
Guacamole - 1/2 Tray $68
Sour Cream 4.99/LB
Cheese  5.50/LB
1 Dozen Cheese Enchiladas $22.68
1 Dozen Shredded Beef Enchiladas $25.08 
1 Dozen Chicken Enchiladas $22.68

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